OPTIS experts deliver over 200 years of engineering knowledge, advanced machining expertise and exemplary analytics solutions in manufacturing processes and machining operations.

Castrol is one of the world’s most recognizable global brands. Castrol’s lubricant products and services are enhancing manufacturing efficiency, in almost every commercial and industrial application in most major market around the world. Known for its passion, advanced technology and pioneering spirit, the OPTIS joint venture continues Castrol’s tradition of providing customers with advanced solutions and tangible value beyond lubricants.

TechSolve is one of the foremost authorities in machining optimization and manufacturing process improvements. TechSolve’s team of experts understand the industries and the challenges clients face which helps them to provide critical business advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our customers

Our customers can solve manufacturing challenges and accelerate innovation with OPTIS guaranteed process improvement, machining efficiency or part cost reduction programs. Read more

Our people

It is our people that make the difference. We have centuries of combined experience across machining, lean manufacturing, mechanical engineering, advanced manufacturing technologies, industrial engineering and more. Read more

Our process

Named after the renowned manufacturing automation expert, Dr. M. Eugene Merchant, our state-of-the-art machining technology development center is where we process, prototype and prove solutions to your machining challenges. Read more