The M. Eugene Merchant Technology Development Center

From our fully instrumented machining lab, named after manufacturing automation expert, Dr. M. Eugene Merchant, we can mimic and address specific machining challenges. Without tying up your machinery, you can keep your resources fully focused on production. Even more importantly, using the laboratory allows us to provide our solutions without extensive trialing on your processes, greatly reducing any implementation risks.

Within our technology development center, we offer expertise across a broad spectrum of machine types. These include mill-turns, machining centers and grinding test-bed – each fully instrumented with key probes and dynamometers. Not to mention all the support, investigative and verification equipment needed, such as CMMS and 3D surface rendering microscopes.

We are proud of our own history with Dr. M. Eugene Merchant, one of the world’s most influential people in the field of manufacturing for over 60 years. In a lifetime of work in manufacturing automation, he has been honored with dozens of awards and is one of only 25 people to be inducted into the Automation Hall of Fame at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. At OPTIS, we look to build on his legacy as a pioneer in manufacturing.

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