There are always cost efficiencies waiting to be discovered, and there is almost always hidden capacity in both your machines and processes.

The problem is, to optimize overall production and unlock hidden profitability, you need to know exactly what’s happening inside your machinery and throughout your processes.

Our deep understanding of machining allows us to offer unrivalled expertise that supports overall equipment effectiveness throughout the industrial world.
Think like the machine.

Aerospace & Aerospace Components

Manufacturers of titanium, composite or ceramic aerospace engine parts and suppliers of power generation turbines can optimize their machining processes thanks to OPTIS expertise. Read more

Automotive and Truck Manufacturing

Ensuring you keep pace with the changing demands of the automotive machining industry, OPTIS expertise supports the many processes that comprise the automotive supply chain. Read more

Machinery Manufacturing

Whether you’re producing pumps, valves, bearings, steam and gas turbines or wind turbine gearboxes, OPTIS has the expertise and solutions to optimize your operations. Read more

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Discover how machining intensive manufacturing operations such as off-road, farming and mining, can all benefit from the industry expertise of OPTIS. Read more