Aerospace & Aerospace Components

Across the Aerospace supply chain, OPTIS specializes in optimizing complex or high value machined parts where tight tolerances and high quality standards are critical.

By applying our expertise, Aerospace machining manufacturers and suppliers of power generation turbines can optimize their production efficiency. Through robust process improvement practices, they can achieve exceptional machining quality – vital for the very high levels of reliability demanded and the challenging conditions in which these engines operate.

In aerospace machining we add value to all high value cut parts – whether they’re titanium, composite or ceramic – used in rotation, stationary or airfoil machinery. Often these are stand alone or components within a system or assembly. Examples range from turbine blades, fuel pumps, brakes, wheels and landing gear components to wing spars.

Companies using our proven expertise have benefited from improved machining processes and reduced set up time, to better meet customer demands.

Optis reduces cycle time by 80%

Find out how OPTIS improved cycle time for an aerospace manufacturer by 80% using gun drill optimization. View asset