Automotive and Truck Manufacturing

OPTIS expertise supports the many and varied processes that make up the automotive supply chain. We understand the pressure on automotive manufacturers to meet the cost, efficiency and production demands for engines and transmissions.

Likewise, our automotive machining expertise helps component suppliers to reduce cycle time, improve finish quality, cut operating costs and meet environmental safety regulations.

We provide engineering services to OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 producers of machined parts to manufacture their value added components for less on a consistent basis. Examples include all manner of precision-machined parts, as well as engine and transmission components.

Wherever you perform metal removal in your manufacturing, we can help improve your economics, while not compromising repeatability of tolerances and surface finish.

We focus on solutions that have a maximum impact on your processes and efficiency, applying our expertise to help you keep pace with the changing demands of the automotive industry.

Optis reduces cycle time by 80%

Find out how OPTIS improved cycle time for an aerospace manufacturer by 80% using gun drill optimization. View asset