Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Machined components in Construction and Heavy Equipment often require significant amounts of time to produce. Making them as efficiently as possible without scrap is crucial to the bottom line. Whether producing off-road, stationary equipment for construction, mining or farming, these machining intensive manufacturing operations can benefit from OPTIS.

OPTIS helps unlock value for manufacturers with automated machine tools to make parts, such as gear boxes, engines, actuators, pumps and valves for use in machinery and heavy equipment. The efficiency gain does not only provide a competitive advantage for the manufacturers, it also transfers value along the industry supply chain – helping program managers deliver on time and budget.

Our proven expertise has helped companies reduce manufacturing costs by as much as 50%, break into new markets and improve scheduling and delivery to the benefit of their customers.

The ‘Lean to Lights Out’ eBook

How far are you on the journey from Lean to Lights Out machining? The ‘Lean to Lights Out’ eBook, discusses factors ranging from sensing technologies and software, to machine tool maintenance. View asset