Machinery Manufacturing

Our many years’ experience of working with the manufacturing industry means we recognise the continuously evolving challenges you face, and the demands placed on your machining processes. We understand the pressure you are under to reduce costs while improving productivity in order to remain competitive.

Whether you are producing pumps, valves, actuators or rotating equipment for steam and gas turbines OPTIS has solutions to help you become more productive.

Our strong relationships with Machine-to-Machine (MTM) Original Equipment Manufacturers help keep us informed of industry developments so we can engineer advanced machining solutions that meet the latest demands.

In a challenging global environment, whether within your operations or in your supply chain, efficiency is critical and our knowledge, skills and expertise can increase manufacturing efficiency, productivity and help you become more competitive.

LeanMachine™ Case Study

Learn how OPTIS’ expert assessment of machinery led to productivity improvement as high as 155% for a plastic and metal manufacturer. View asset