We have centuries of engineering expertise in manufacturing and new technology insertions with the emphasis on machining applications.

Our in-depth understanding of Lean transformations is built on over 30 years of ‘across and within’ process analysis for organizations of all sizes, across many industries.

Our manufacturing solutions find out exactly what’s happening within your manufacturing process and machinery, giving you the data and expertise to make informed decisions to increase your productivity. Then we help you implement it. While our procurement solutions optimize part costs and supplier value, improving competitiveness across your supply chain.

Manufacturing Solutions

Across many industries, 15% - 40% of manufacturing costs and machine downtime are typically attributable to maintenance activities. Operational safety, maintenance, cost effectiveness, and asset availability have a direct impact on the competitiveness and viability of the Factory of the Future. OPTIS provides proven solutions designed to unlock the value within your machining process performance and within your manufacturing supply chain. Read more

Procurement Solutions

In an increasingly competitive global environment, every element of the supply chain must be effective and efficient; to deliver the right quality products, on time and at the right price. Whatever your procurement strategy, OPTIS provides proven solutions designed to unlock valuable competitive advantage within your supply chain. Read more