OptiVue™ from OPTIS is a cloud or internally based machine monitoring solution that empowers you with unambiguous real-time data and information from your machines on the shop floor – to increase utilization, identify problems and potential solutions.
OPTIS LeanMachine™ provides ‘inside the machine’ solutions that optimize cycle times, improve quality, and troubleshoot stubborn problems.
LeanMachine™ uses an Intelligent Process Planning approach across each process step inside the machine to analyse critical elements for improvement. Similarly, it optimizes the balance of tool life, cycle time and quality against the type of tool used, depth of cut, angle of attack, speeds and feeds.
With our machining laboratory, we prove the solutions before their implementation on a component feature-by-feature and machine step-by-step basis.
20% OptiVue™ enables you to prioritize production issues,
optimize manufacturing efficiency and productivity,
and increase your overall equipment effectiveness by up to 20%.

OptiVue™ Case Study

When an aerospace manufacturer was looking to acquire additional machine tools, it over-estimated the utilization of the machine tools already in place. Using OptiVue™ to provide an accurate measure of utilization helped saved the company $4 million.


The aerospace manufacturer over-estimated the utilization of its existing machine tools to 70-80%. OptiVue™ determined that the current utilization of the machines was a mere 25 -28%.

Extra capacity realized from existing machine tools removed the need to purchase four additional machines, resulting in a saving of approximately $4 million.

About us

OPTIS combines the scale and global reach of Castrol with leading edge solutions of TechSolve, bringing the most comprehensive know-how and data driven best-practice solutions to help smart manufacturers transform their processes to optimize efficiency.