OPTIS LeanMachine™ uses exemplary machining expertise, and data driven process analysis to delve deep within the machine. This unlocks value and helps you optimize the cost, quality, and cycle times for your most critical parts and operations.
OPTIS LeanMachine™ provides ‘inside the machine’ solutions that optimize cycle times, improve quality, and troubleshoot stubborn problems.
LeanMachine™ uses an Intelligent Process Planning approach across each process step inside the machine to analyse critical elements for improvement. Similarly, it optimizes the balance of tool life, cycle time and quality against the type of tool used, depth of cut, angle of attack, speeds and feeds.
With our machining laboratory, we prove the solutions before their implementation on a component feature-by-feature and machine step-by-step basis.
155% OPTIS LeanMachine™ takes Lean principles to the extreme,
looking inside the machine to identify inefficiencies
- known to be as high as 155% - within machining processes.

LeanMachine™ Case Study

LeanMachine™ expert assessment of machinery leads to productivity improvement as high as 155% for a manufacturer of integral plastic/metal components for the industrial equipment industry.


After assessing the capability to meet the part’s specified requirements, LeanMachine™ helped to justify capital expenditure to improve part quality with a 23% reduction in scrap and reworking.

After reviewing the quality and productivity of the machining process, LeanMachine™ provided a reduction of change over by 75% and productivity improvements as high as 155%.

About us

OPTIS combines the scale and global reach of Castrol with leading edge solutions of TechSolve, bringing the most comprehensive know-how and data driven best-practice solutions to help smart manufacturers transform their processes to optimize efficiency.