LeanMachine™ Case Study

24579 - OPTIS case studies - Machine Manufacturing [LeanMachine]_375pxTaking Lean to the extreme

Everyone recognizes the power Lean tools and techniques can bring to manufacturing processes. OPTIS LeanMachine™ takes Lean principles to the extreme, looking inside the machine to identify inefficiencies within machining processes. Our advanced tools and analytics go beyond traditional Lean process improvement programs. In short, we treat the machine itself as a value adding element of the process that deserves its own form of continuous improvement.

The results are ‘inside the machine’ solutions that increase cycle times, improve quality, and troubleshoot stubborn problems. All of which deliver productivity improvements – and bottom line profitability.

Discover how OPTIS’ expert assessment of machinery led to productivity improvement as high as 155% for a plastic and metal manufacturer with the LeanMachine™ case study.